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A Fishing game for the Panic PlayDate

Next Update(s) :

  • Different fishes (By distance) (Added in Snapshot 2)
  • Fishes Album (Added in v1.0.0)
  • Best Score System (Added in Snapshot 2)
  • Obstacles

Sorry for the peoples experiencing an error when trying to sideload the game. Try unzipping it and sideload the .pdx folder.


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Fishing, Pixel Art, Playdate


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Fishing Simulator v1.1.1.zip 146 kB

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Feel silly that I sat so long on trying this game. This really felt great to play! Wish it would have a little more to the reeling portion (like tension or what not) but for a playable early Playdate game this was rad! 

The download named "Fishing Simulator v1.1.0.zip" still shows as v1.0.0 in the sideloader, in Settings>Games on the device, and in the About page in the game.

Forgot to change in the pdxinfo, thanks !

Hello! Getting this error when I try to sideload the game on the Playdate site:

It's a error from me, in the next update, I'm really sorry :(

Looking forward to playing it. :)

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Was able to sideload!! But...bAnother error, this time on the PlayDate. 

That's really weird ...


Same error for me as well.

Not sure if this is the problem you are having, but I was having this same issue sideloading my zipped game as well.

I was using the windows built in zipping utility and it wouldn't sideload properly.

I re-zipped it with 7zip and it sideloaded normally, not sure why but it fixed the issue for my game.

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I'm getting the same error

Update: I unzipped and sideloaded the PDX file and was able to download that on the device.

Hey the game won't sideload since its a .rar. Game needs to be a .zip to sideload

Have you unzipped it and used the PDX file in the archive ?

Yeah I extract the pdx and turn it into a zip. I'm able to sideload it like normal but then when i go to install it on the playdate, it fully installs and then says there was a download error.

That's weird... I don't have a PlayDate so I cannot test but is it working for others games ?

Yes i'm able to get most of the other games i've downloaded working

Huh? I just extracted the rar file and it gives me the pdx file. I can open that normally with the Playdate Simulator

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Btw, if I pull up the hook again (without any fish on the hook) just after let it go down, the Playdate Simulator gives an error on this:

scenes/game.lua:301: attempt to index a nil value (field 'fish')
stack traceback:
scenes/game.lua:301: in field 'timerEndedCallback'
CoreLibs/timer.lua:292: in local 'callEndedCallback'
CoreLibs/timer.lua:334: in field 'updateTimers'
sceneManager.lua:50: in method 'update'
main.lua:33: in function <main.lua:29>

Thanks for the report ! Next update :)

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When I extract the pdx from the rar and try to sideload the game, the sideload page tells me its "not a zip file".

Then I try putting it in a zip file, it allows me to sideload, but then thats when i have my download problem on my console

I will try to make it a .zip file in the next update