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Halloween Update, Download the v2.3.0+ to try it !

Stack is a demake for the PlayDate of a the very popular android game : "Stack" (I was inspired).

The goal of the game is to make the biggest tower possible (Like in the original game), for achieve this goal, you need to stack the blocks on each other (Be careful to make the edges fit perfectly !).

If the block fall of the tower, you lose !

- Gameplay -

- Game modes -

  • Normal => The normal mode, Stack was designed for this game mode.
  • Easy => If the game is too hard for you, warning, the High-Score don't save in easy mode.
  • Darkmode / Lightmode are availables (Tip : Lightmode is a flashbang)
  • Online Leaderboard : https://charlito33.com/games/playdate/stack/leaderboard

- Controls -

  • A => Place a block
  • Crank => Scroll to view the full tower (Only when game is over)

- Credits -

  • Sounds generated with BFXR

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withBfxr, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, Arcade, Black and White, Playdate, Retro
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsGamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Great game for high score chasers...

Not sure if just me but wish it was a little harder...... Bit more erratic piece moving and speeds.......

Well done...

Thanks for your review !

I’ll try to add an “Hard Mode” when I have some time :)


Legend !!!!!! Again congrats on making a fun game........


Heya, did the high scores get cleared? Also I was getting a system crash when I played with dark mode switched off.

(not anymore, I'll see if there's a log somewhere but the crash error said something about a darkmode variable)


Here we go:

2022/10/12 15:44:07
scenes/game.lua:268: attempt to index a nil value (field 'spectre')
stack traceback:
scenes/game.lua:268: in method 'darkmode'
Engine/main.lua:47: in field 'setDarkmode'
scenes/game.lua:412: in method 'gameOver'
objects/block.lua:79: in field 'callback'
objects/blockPart.lua:18: in function <objects/blockPart.lua:13>
[C]: in field 'update'
Engine/main.lua:92: in function <Engine/main.lua:87>
(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you ! Try to fix it asap

Fun fact : This bug is not supposed to happen until November 1st lmao


Highscores got cleared, every Sunday. But as the number of players are low, I’ll restore the previous highscores and remove the auto-clearing system


Ah, or maybe have all-time and monthly?


I’ll just do all-time for now, maybe if there are more players, I’ll do an update, but for now, it’s not very useful and I prefer to work on other games :)


This is a really great game!  It translates a classic arcade concept very smoothly and is worth every penny.  It is also one of the top sideload PlayDate games IMO!